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Slobozia-Dusca village is a locality in Criuleni located at 47.1644 longitude 29.1200 and 29 meters altitude from sea level. This locality is administered by the city Criuleni. According to the 2004 census the population is of 2 655 inhabitants. Slobozia is approximately 7 km away from city of Criuleni. Vadul lui Voda is approximately 12 Km away and Chişinău is at a 32 km distance.
Soroca is a Moldovian town, the administrative center of the Soroca district. The built area of ​​the city is about 10.79 square kilometers, with a perimeter of 20.65 km. Located in the northeast of the Republic, on the right bank of the Dniester, the town of Soroca is located 160 km from Chisinau.